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TV wall mount How do you choose

 TV wall mount How do you choose easily

TV wall mount



Yesterday I bought a new television and of course I need to buy TV wall mount in order to catch the attic new television, and today I’m going to the market to buy a TV wall mount.

but I was surprised a lot of types and shapes and the manufacturers, and this is what I am a big lake.

I am now watching three different types of TV wall mount which are suitable for many uses, and the goal now is to identify the best of these species that fit with my use of the television, this type is the size of the TV 12 to 30 inches is appropriate for use with him.


TV wall mount



This kind of TV wall mount can give you the ability to drag it to the Imam from the wall and move in all directions to the left and also to the right,
as well as you can move it to the direction of the highest and also you checked out the direction it to the bottom,
as well as this kind gives you the viewing angles of many with the freedom to choose viewing angle that you need.




TV wall mountLow-Profile

It’s a unique type of TV wall mount and prefer to use this type when you need to be closer to being the television from the wall, because it is different from the former type,
it is not entirely free movement. Also, this type makes the television closer to being to the wall and thus will need cables to connect it 90 degrees,
but this type is less expensive than a Full-Motion is suitable for specific uses in terms of viewing angles of the television.





TV wall mount Tilting

Type TV wall mount that is distinct from the former type, which is the right choice for many of the places,
so that you can from a rise or fall of the television in order to get the viewing angles distinctive features of this type of TV wall mount that it is less expensive than the first type and a higher cost of slightly type II,
also is very special in that it is easier to install than the first type, so this type is the first choice for most places.



The proper way to choose the right TV wall mount for a new television:

The wall mounts are usually based out of the VESA standard and can support multiple sizes of TVs. Basically, VESA standard dictates how it should be spaced mounting holes on the back of the TV. Because of this standard, you can be looking at your TV guide and find out what is the bolt pattern, and then find a wall mount compatible. List Most wall mounts on the side of the box is working with the bolt patterns. This method takes the guess work out of wondering whether Mount will work for a particular TV. Also check the weight of the mountain, which supports and ensure the weight of the TV is within this range. By looking at the weight and the bolt pattern specifications that can determine what will fit wall mount your TV.


When looking for the perfect TV wall mount, you will need one with a wide size TV and the ability of large weight. These two specifications make installation easier and will allow the mount to work with future TV purchases. You also want to look for a Big tilt angle. Depending on where you mount on the product, the group inclination to make all the difference in viewing pleasure. If the tendency is off, the picture will be difficult to view. For aesthetic purposes, and we like the flat screen TV wall mounts with profiles that stick out from the wall In the Limit 2.5 inch.

The ease of installation

Not only do you want to be sure to install your TV securely, but you also want the installation process to be short and painless as possible. Find mounts TV with built-in bubble levels, mounting hardware for most of the compatibility options and installation instructions VESA clear from the manufacturer.

The features

When the main difference between the products is the weight capacity available, it is important to look to additional features to make the educated choice. TV wall mount want to be adjustable after installation and are listed by Underwriters Laboratories. Are listed by UL means that the product has been tested by safety defects outside and passed with flying colors. In addition, look for Mount system with built-in cord management to help corral your chords.

Who is the reason why we would prefer a certain type of TV wall mount for another type ?

As you’re shopping for a wall mount you may have noticed that prices vary significantly between different brands and styles. It has been our experience that the wall mounts tend to be less expensive lacks useful features which include many more expensive mounts. With that said, we have installed many inexpensive mounts successfully. Now we must look for something here:

Level adjustment – and some mounts allow you to adjust the TV after it on the wall. This is especially useful when trying to level a TV with fireplace mantle .

Locking mechanism – many commercial mounts have a spot for the lock to keep the TV from being stolen .

Precision height adjustment – once the TV is mounted on the wall and can be adjusted up or down about an inch , and this is useful when trying to launch a TV in the comfort zone .

Hardware – the cheapest mounts tend to come with a smaller number of bolts and screws delayed the bottom row . Lag bolt holds the mount on the wall, and the screws can break with a low grade tighten them.

Movability – Can you easily manipulate the TV once you install it ? If you have to reduce down to make adjustments as opposed to just use your hand to tilt , pan, and / or extension of your TV you may want something more comfortable .

The conclusion

In the end, as long as you purchase a wall mount is rated to deal with your TV you should not worry about the TV falling off the wall. All of additional features we have talked about are important, but not necessary all the time. The real trick is figuring out how to install the TV until it is safe and looks good.