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Outdoor tv enclosure is very important to protect the TV under all circumstances

Outdoor tv enclosure is very important to protect TV 

Outdoor tv enclosure, SunBriteTV companies and are certainly expensive, often several times more expensive than a comparably sized TV ,the biggest problem with getting a TV to not survive outside keeps moisture (relatively easy), or even protect delicate pieces of sunlight (same). The trick is to know the heat.

All televisions are designed to operate in a temperature range. Not coincidentally, this is the same range, it works better. All generate heat, and through years of development, most do not need big fans work well at room temperature.

Outdoor tv enclosure

Start pushing the edges of this range, however, and bad things start to happen. In the cold once the air is heated (like when the night becomes day), water may condense and create outrageously bad problems. Cold can also affect how the liquid crystal itself works. In the heat, the life of the internal components drops suddenly.

So the trick with a Outdoor tv enclosure is to seal against the elements, but also allows heat generated from escaping. Usually, this means large radiators, fans and custom designed furniture. Many models are equipped with heaters to maintain an operating temperature and specific to help them survive in the jungle of your backyard features.
Therefore, it is less “elements” that you have to worry about the temperature.

Before continuing, let me be very clear and say that the use Outdoor tv enclosure of a TV inside to the outside is a great way to void your warranty and shorten the life of your TV. It will break. Do not say I did not warn you and do not blame me – or the lovely people who pay me – If your TV craps).

Some TVs are designed to be wider than the other operating temperatures Outdoor tv enclosure. For example, I found several Panasonic models rated up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 ° C) and various models of Samsung and LG I rated to 104F (40C). However, it still will not let me leave. All are clear in their inability to handle condensation. Condensation happens if the TV is covered or not.
You can find this information on the page is temperature specifications on their websites, or download the manual (found at the end).

My advice? Buy an Outdoor tv enclosure, they are designed to do what you want to do. They are expensive for a reason. If you do not want to heed this advice, get a TV that can handle a little heat, and put it in a basket. Distance is not sexy, and it will take a few extensions, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Get an LCD because they are brighter and generally do better in well lit areas. Get something cheap, too, because it probably will break.

The most important things that must be found by Outdoor tv enclosure:

Outdoor tv enclosure water resistantOutdoor tv enclosure

The entire unit waterproof outdoor
Protects against rain, dust, salt water
Perfect for your pool, bar and Grill

Outdoor tv enclosure durable and versatile

Shatter resistant front panel “LEXAN thickness of 1/4
Made of plastic outer HMWP
Watch TV with front open or closed

Outdoor tv enclosure ensure

Designed to be tamper-proof and secure
Two key locks to protect your investment
Front panel attached with rivets security

Benefits of the Outdoor tv enclosure:

Outdoor tv enclosure

Outdoor tv enclosure WATER / WR – Use a hairdryer as a round outdoor unit is sealed and designed to be waterproof.
Outdoor tv enclosure Security – 2 key locks and protect against theft , vandalism and handling cameras. Front panel connected to the housing by rivets security to prevent withdrawal .
Outdoor tv enclosure LIGHT – Shield TV units weigh 50-75 % less than other enclosures outdoor television and are lightweight but very sturdy plastic outdoor air and long term. Our largest unit weighs 13.2 kilograms our smallest unit weighs 6.8 kg .

Outdoor tv enclosure AFFORDABLE – 50-75 % lower than other boxes TV outdoors.
VERSATILE – Capacity screen TV / TV of 19 inches to 60 inches.


Outdoor tv enclosure DURABLE – Waterproof, dust, weather and theft/larceny ! Designed with plastic exterior that can withstand hot / , within the direct sun exposure / long time and cold weather flying objects . Industry leading front-panel 1/4 inch thick tear resistant and optically clear Lexan , which is the same material used to make bulletproof glass .

Places you can use The Outdoor tv enclosure:Outdoor tv enclosure

Exterior: spaces for outdoor recreation, bridges, around your pool, etc,  you can use The Outdoor tv enclosure.
Outdoor venues: bars, restaurants, stadiums and swimming pools,  you can use The Outdoor tv enclosure.
Facilities: hospitals, jails and prisons, airports and hotels, retail shopping centers, you can use The Outdoor tv enclosure.
Business Events: Exhibitions, Events, Fairs and corporate hospitality, you can use The Outdoor tv enclosure.
Notice: outdoors.
Marino: Boat Docks & Marinas, you can use The Outdoor tv enclosure.
Interior: Protect Wii remotes flying, clumsy or curious children, playrooms, game rooms, you can use The Outdoor tv enclosure.
Company: protect or secure a flat screen TV or against tampering and theft.

Outdoor tv enclosure Options:

FAN KIT – The Outdoor tv enclosure recommends the ventilation system with integrated filter and wall jack directly on any drive that is in an environment where the temperature may rise during a period of time.

Outdoor tv enclosure HEATING – The ideal way to keep the temperature inside the TV screen solution in cold climates. Just connect the heater and turn it on.

Outdoor tv enclosure FILM POWER – Energy Film This film is a transparent window that reduces solar heat gain in summer while allowing maximum visibility. Energy blocks Film 98% (plus UVA and UVB and UVC almost all) of radiation and blocks harmful UV rays 70% of the waveform which generates infrared heat close lengths. The film has a good visual clarity only slightly discolored. The energy of film to reduce condensation on the surface of the window.

Outdoor tv enclosure CLEANING KIT – cleans all plastics without scratching. Leave a shine that resists fogging , repels dust and eliminates static . Resists finger marking . Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals. Leave a clean, smooth and grease sheen. Plastic Never clean with paper towels – they may scratch ! Re- apply frequently to maintain the antistatic properties of resistance, stains and scratches.

Outdoor tv enclosure CASE moisturizing gel – Dehydration of silica gel absorbs moisture within the housing and protects all that can be damaged by rust , mold and mildew caused by moisture . This moisture absorbent package protects the TV The TV Shield, preventing condensation of air is trapped in a case when an external application .

Outdoor tv enclosure 2 ” SPACER KIT – This spacer kit is designed to allow you to adjust your TV 2 ” towards the back of the TV speaker Shield closer to the front clear braces are perfect if used by an LED TV . to get the screen closer to the front or clear LCD and Plasma screen. Spacers can only accommodate VESA 400X400 reasons .